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Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust

A Short History:

The Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust was established following the death of Ashton Wylie in 1999. Ashton Wylie, an Auckland businessman, was a philanthropist with a wide range of interest particularly in the area of spirituality, personal development and positive relationships. Read More »

Of his many interests, Ashton singled out the "purpose of assisting people to become more perfectly loving" to be the principal purpose of the AWCT.

These instructions have been formalised into the AWCT Objectives.

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AWCT Book and Manuscript Awards Gallery 2017

The winners were announced at a ceremony at The Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust’s own venue, Hopetoun Alpha in Auckland on 18 August, 2017.

The 2017 Ashton Wylie Mind Body Spirit Literary Awards Book Category winners (in order) are:

  1. 1. Scottie Reeve 21-Elephants: Leaving Religion for the Reckless Way of Jesus
  2. 2. Cathryn Monro Spilt Milk Yoga: A Guided Self-inquiry to Finding Your Own Wisdom, Joy and Purpose Through Motherhood (Familius)
  3. 3. Stephanie Harris Death Expands Us: An Honest Account of Grief and How to Rise Above It (Lion Crest Publishing)
  4. 4. Emma Farry Beloved (Be Loved Press)
  5. 5. Sangeeta Sharma Reality in Reflection: a Journey Towards Holistic Living (Blurb Inc)

The 2017 Ashton Wylie Mind Body Spirit Literary Awards Unpublished Category winners (in order) are:

  1. 1. Jeremy Cole Divine Laziness: The art of living effortlessly
  2. 2. Hugh Major Out of the Mouths of Fishes
  3. 3. Terence Green Wisdom's Lament: A History of God and Science in the Modern Age
  4. 4. Ellaine Millard A New Mystic's Teaching & Testimony on Holistic Faith: Integrated Healing of Body, Soul & Spirit through Information Theory
  5. 5. Caryl Haley The Splendour of light

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