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The Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust was established following the death of Ashton Wylie in 1999. Ashton, an Auckland businessman, was a philanthropist with a wide range of interests particularly in the area of spirituality, personal development and positive relationships.

He believed that if one wanted to change the world, one had first to change oneself. Changes are then made by example.

"The real frontier that faces us all now is not outer space but inner space
- Ashton Wylie

He wrote extensively about the purpose inherent in all existence and how we may all exercise our free will in order to choose greater awareness and in so doing to follow the intent of natural law.

The Trust's objectives are to:
  • Educate and assist people in New Zealand to become more perfectly loving in accordance with the nature of God
  • Educate and assist people in New Zealand by providing inner empowerment to disintegrate fear and related negative activities and qualities in their lives by the activity of bringing the creative quality of love and relating positive activities and qualities (such as deep breathing, experiencing nature, caring, consideration, compassion and understanding) into their experience of negativity.
  • Educate and assist people in New Zealand to disintegrate the negativity arising from other people with whom they are in relationship by bringing into their experience the quality of compassion and understanding (or unconditional love) of such people with whom they are in relationship.
  • Educate and assist people in New Zealand, to better understand the nature of God and in the process to receive inner personal empowerment.
  • Promote in New Zealand such other purpose or purposes which are, in the opinion of the Trustees, as near as practicable to the aforesaid purposes.

The Trust's objectives are achieved through its primary physical entity - The Life Centre, a Multi-dimensional Well Being Centre, based upon the ethos “Restore the Spirit and the Rest will Follow”.

The Life Centre's loving spiritual "whole being" focus assists people to move out of fear and negativity and into Well Being, Health, and Personal Empowerment.

Our multiple spiritual healing processes actively demonstrate the loving, compassionate and healing nature of God, bringing mental and emotional calm, health and balance to the Whole Being.

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Ashton Wylie

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