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DVDs - 2010 SCSC : The Power of Relationship

The DVD Lectures listed below are from the 2010 Conference - The Power of Relationship.

Featuring world renowned speakers(Dr Marilyn Mandala Shlitz, Russell Targ and Dr Larry Dossey.

Feature item
2010 SCSC DVD Conference Pack : The Power of Relationship
This DVD set brings together valuable research and findings from a diverse range of clinicians and researches : Dr Larry Dossey, Dr Marilyn Mandala-Schlitz and Russell Targ.

These clinicians and researchers are globally recognized, experienced in Western models of healthcare, are well-known for their holistic models of care, and are involved in front-line clinical work and research. The result is a powerful mix of stimulating modern thought, research, and clinical experience, highlighting the multiple dimensions that need consideration for optimal healing processes, and providing a systematic justification of a new hopefulness for many people with chronic conditions.

Bringing together in practical application and powerful relationship, science and consciousness.

Lectures include :
1. Dr Larry Dossey : Consciousness, Spirituality and Healing: What The Fuss Is All About
2. Dr Larry Dossey : How Nonlocal Consciousness Shapes Our Lives: The Role of Precognition
3. Dr Marilyn Mandala-Schlitz : Exploring the interface of Consciousness, Science and Healing
4. Dr Marilyn Mandala-Schlitz : Noetic Sciences: Continuation of – Exploring the interface of consciousness, science and healing.
5. Russell Targ : Scientific and Health Implications of Psychic Abilities

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